Júlia Király

I was born in Kisújszállás on the 28th of May 1983 and currently live here too.

I studied in a fashion design and choreographer school in Budapest. I have been always interested in fashion, draw many clothes. My examination work was introduced in a high-standard gala, where my designed clothes were presented by models. After I graduated from Illéssy Sándor Secondary School.

My creativity is inherited from my mother, she used to work a long time as a seamstress. Perhaps my interest in fashion derived from these times.

I was always interested in arts as a child – especially in drawing and painting. First I started with drawing after in school I got to know how to paint with watercolour and tempera.

Today I use acrylic paint and paint on stretched canvas. I prefer more the water based paints in general.

I like to paint figures and faces. I have learned on an „autodidactic way” and I am currently training myself. My paintings are characterized mostly by dark colours, but I have been using more vivid colours lately.

I draw my inspiration from pictures and photos, from the fashion, music, films and travels or from my dogs.

Painting makes my life balanced, is the way how I can express my feelings and shape my own world. My life would be not complete without painting anymore.